Idril Jean is a Canadian songwriter and performing artist in the soft rock, pop country, pop and folk genres.

Born in Sherbrooke, Quebec, she’s the fourth of five childrens.

During her childhood, she was quiet, shy and educated with a lot of discipline. She went to a private school at college.

During her twenties, she created her own clothing brand for womens under the company name of ‘CHANNIE’. A creative curve is revealed. She had soul as an artist.
But she decided to return to school for a course in medical laboratory because she had a taste for human nature, this other side of her personality was a very significant side.

Then, a year of major change has come. A famous country singer, gave her a taste for music. Idril began to discover singing. From now on, she will sing and write a lot more!
In just one year, she created more than ten original songs as a songwriter.

The years after, became very hard. Family, work, life demanded a lot of energy.
Many obstacles went on her road, so she had to leave for a while.
The reality of continuing her music was set aside for several years.
But Idril believed in the power of destiny; she knew that one day she’ll realise her dream!

Then one day, she took her old writings, got courage and began taking singing lessons.
Her singing teacher gave her great encouragement to pursue her dreams.
She took the lead when she lost her father. She decided to send some music samples to some studios.

On her route, she met ‘SUBLIME SOUND STUDIO’. This studio was very optimistic about her voice. From the first meeting, they had affinity for the same style of music. The owner, (Daniel Désilets) gave her the opportunity to produce, and record some songs for her first album!

A contract is then updated to a full production of 6 songs. The adventure became pure joy and both were a dynamic pair. Their inspiration was at the top and for more songs are created.

A team of musicians was introduced. Her dream took shape …

A brand new album EP called ‘LET’S GET CRAZY’ was released in November 2016.

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